About Dragana Realm

Dragana Realm is in Second Life on the Mainland in Pruni

Dragana Realm is our a role play sim on the mainland with Draganastone Castle Keep, inner and outer Baileys, the Keep has a dungeon, as any respectable Castle Must Have.  A well services the Castle from an underground River, that has one of the most amazing glow worm caves, the water from there fills the moat surrounding the castle drawbridges.  In winter the moat does freeze so ice skating is fun. Inside the Keep is where we live.

Ground floor houses the Kitchen and castle servants, stables and off course the dungeon. We shall be building a new Tower to house the dungeon and cells ,but that will be after the Castle is completely finished.

The 1rd Floor is the entrance, Guards Quarters and Armoury, Stairs to the Dungeon, The Great Hall and Banquets, the Throne room, and Privy and Spiral staircase.

The 2nd floor houses, The Library, The Ballroom which overlooks the Great hall. the and Dressmakers and The Spellfire Privy

The 3rd floor has 2 Royal Apartments, several balconies, and an inner court yard.

The 4th of the Battlements, and you get a great view from up there.

There are secret rooms and hidden passages, trap doors and other traps. The Castle has it’s own security system that operates the small Drawbridge all the windows Curtains and Doors and each apartment has its own controls. The building of the Castle has been a big job and still there is more work to do.  We also have a Cemetery, Jousting Arena, Zombie Zone, Markets, hunting boars and badgers, with more to come. Swimming and boating and horse riding. We are still building so some areas are only open to group members.

Want somewhere to play with your budding magical powers come join us, Want to join your House with Ours? Send The Duchess or The Empress a message. Office is here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pruni/234/40/52

Enjoy the Castle and grounds. Building enabled for group members. Free Men and Women RP – Teleporters http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pruni/236/4/52


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